Myth of the University Mascot




TESTUDO – UMD mascot has a long-running tradition of being offered gifts during finals season to get better grades. This project aimed at testing the Hypothesis of “Offering gifts affects the grades of a student”.

  1. Collected raw data for analysis using Survey Monkey and Google Forms.
  2. Cleaned the dirty data and prepared it for analysis using R Studio and Microsoft Excel.
  3. Designed a model that predicted whether the myth of offering gifts to the university mascot helped in getting better grades in finals.



This project helped me establish an excellent foundation on the core statistics concepts used in the data analysis and data science world. This project was a great experience working with R Studio. This project was also a stepping stone to the Data Science that I took in the next semester. Complicated concepts like different types of Regression, prediction models were the main takeaways from this project.



University of Maryland – Graduate Coursework