Power Bi Dashboard – Google PlayStore





After completing Microsoft Power BI Certification, I wanted to test my newly learned skills on a complex dataset. After searching for one, I found a dataset of the applications on the Google PlayStore on Kaggle.


Following were the key aspects of the project:

  1. This dataset needed some cleaning which was achieved using R.
  2. Deciding on suitable visual graphics based on the variables and the message that was to be conveyed.
  3. Finally Tweaking various portions of visualizations to create a picture-perfect dashboard which would make sense even to someone who has no access to the dataset document.

Click the link below to access the pdf version of the dashboard. CLICK HERE!



I was able to get hands-on working experience of Microsoft Power BI. I was also able to explore many new advanced features of the software on my own while working on this project. Tackling issues by finding solutions using the online community while creating interactive visualizations was a great experience altogether.



Personal Project – Certification