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The anime industry is one of the biggest entertainment industries on earth. However, there are a ton of different anime categories, genres, and styles. The main objective of this project was to identify if there are certain aspects of animes that the studios consider when deciding to produce them. Following were the key aspects of the project:

  1. Collected and cleaned data from 3 databases totaling over 15,000 records of anime data.
  2. Created a series of complex visualizations to tell a story about factors that decides the production of anime.
  3. Used multiple visualization tools like Tableau and Gephi. Data Cleaning was majorly done using R.



This project helped me understand and implement the skills needed for the visual representation of Data Analysis. One of my favorite courses as I had the opportunity to make use of my creative side to devise and tell a story while unearthing useful insights from a diverse and complex dataset.



University of Maryland – Graduate Coursework