About me

“In a world full of possibilities, sometimes it is okay to be Jack of all Trades.” 

-Bhavesh Bellara


Hey there. Welcome to my website. I am Bhavesh.
Designer, Manager, and Even the very person about whom this website is!

I am pursuing MS Information Management at University of Maryland (expected Graduation December 2020)

I am available and looking for Full-Time work Opportunities post my Graduation i.e. December 2020. 


How I Function



With a keen interest in finding insights among things interacting around us, I have an innate ability to identify potential connections amongst different entities.


Being a visual person throughout my life, it was natural to combine that aspect of my personality with the analytical skills. I am highly skilled in using Visualization tools to portray a story about the data at hand. 

Creative Mind

Being a creative person, one would always find me developing new content in my leisure time. This could be a video, article, or maybe something new altogether. So next time you feel like you have seen me somewhere don’t be surprised 😀

Fun Fact





Sports Fanatic