Graduate Student at University of Maryland

Actively seeking internship opportunities for Summer'20

about me

Aspiring to shape a career as an Analyst my Master’s degree has given me the skills of critical thinking and looking at data with a view of generating maximum insights out of it.

academic Profile

masters in Information Management

University of Maryland – College Park, MD, USA

Aug 2018- Present 

Relevant Courses: Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Data Science, Database Design, User Experience, Statistics, Information Architecture, Project Management.

Bachelors in information technology


Aug 2012- May 2016

Relevant Courses: Data Structures & Algorithms, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, E-Commerce & E-Business.

Work Experience

Graduate Teaching assistant

University of Maryland – College Park, MD, USA

Aug 2018 – Present

Have worked as a Teaching Assistant for 5 different Professors. Managed 300+ students so far over 3 semesters. 

Performed important responsibilities like grading homework and exams, conducting occasional lectures, assisting professor in other course-related activities such as developing lecture materials, handling office hours for student queries and advising the course instructors of any improvements that could be made in the coursework.

Content writer

Greencode Technologies – Mumbai, India 

Nov – dec 2018

Analyzed the long-term goals of the company and designed dynamic content for various projects that the organization worked on. Planned future releases of the articles as well as other editorial content in advance.

Shaped the establishment of social media accounts for the company that enabled them to create social presence amongst their target customers. Authored the postings on these platforms as well.


Technical Skills

Python 94%
MySQL 96%
Java 94%
R 94%
HTML & CSS 93%
JavaScript 90%

Software Skills

R Studio 92%
Tableau 97%
Excel 97%
Gephi 92%
Microsoft Office 97%
Android Studio 86%
WordPress 94%

Interpersonal Skills

Leadership 98%
Management 90%
Presentation Skills 91%
Public Speaking 94%


Tableau essential training

Tableau Essential Training – – July 2019

This course helped me in learning techniques that enables me now to use Tableau efficiently.

Click here to see certification.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing – NIESBUD India  – May 2017

A full 2 day Digital Marketing Certification course conducted by the NIESBUD India. The certification gave in-depth insights about how to maximize the reach of your websites using Digital Marketing tools.

JAVA Certification

JAVA Certification – CMS Institute Mumbai – Aug 2016

An in-depth Java Certification which covered various technologies such as CORE & Advanced Java, JSP, Servlet, MySQL, Hibernate, JavaScript and PHP.

More to follow...

Working on honing quite a few technical and life-skills skills currently. Not long before this list expands to a big list! 

projects & Activities

Android application development

Developed an Android Application that calculated the BMI of a person. This application was developed using Android Studio.

Personal Blogging Platform

Designed & Developed a website which acts for several writers to post there blog. The website has also been monetized with Google Ad-words. Click on the WordPress icon above to visit the website.

More to come...

Keep a close look on this part. More projects soon to be added!

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I am an assistant professor at the University of Maryland, College Park, in the College of Information Studies, and Bhavesh has been my graduate teaching assistant for the past semester, helping me manage my undergraduate-level information organization course. Bhavesh consistently demonstrated great thoughtfulness, insightfulness, and eagerness to learn both course content and teaching as a process, despite the fact that he began without prior experience in either. Bhavesh was highly responsive and communicative. He completed his work on time and proved flexible in response to the semester’s highly variable schedule, despite managing a heavy course load himself. Bhavesh works hard. He also seeks out feedback and instruction with the deliberation of a highly curious and motivated person. He is a delight to work with.
While working for me as the teaching assistant to my Decision-Making for Information Science course in Spring 2019, Bhavesh was courteous, organized, and responsive. He mastered largely unfamiliar course material sufficiently to provide meaningful and timely feedback to students. He was skillful and tactful in working with me to establish, then meet, deadlines. He was largely self-directed in completing assignments, yet willing to seek -- and accept -- direction as needed. He proved to be both an excellent learner and collaborator.